Parade 101

If this is your first Parade the experience can be overwhelming. With a full week's worth of activities it's hard to know exactly which ones are "must-sees" or how you can make the adventure more spouse- or family-friendly. We'll give an over-view of the competitive events, socials, banquets, tours and being a Parade Volunteer.

If that's you, come to Parade 101; a quick little overview of Parade. We'll help you figure it out and get the most out of your Porsche-themed, week-long adventure. It's a great way to meet new people, make new friends, and get your week started on the right foot!

One of the most important areas covered is the check-in process. We highly recommend that you attend this presentation one of the 3 times it is offered before you head to check-in.

Here's a preview of our presentation as a PDF

If you have pressing questions before you get to Parade, write to