The Cherry Challenge 5K Run/Walk

The event will be held on the grounds of the Grand Traverse Resort Saturday morning June 29th.  

 We will start and finish by the hotel making a large loop about the grounds on pavement. 

We will have age classes from 10 years to 80+ years with awards for top male/female in each class, T-Shirts, and a commemorative item for each participant. 

Please join us!  If you do not walk or run, please think about supporting us by volunteering.

Constance Carr – Chair

This year's 5K Run/Walk is sponsored by Lockton.


2013 Lockton Affinity 5K Run Class Winners
Name                                    Class (Age Group)
Kayla Wisneski                  Female 6-9 years
Mitchell Morrison            Male 10-13 years
Lianna Wisneski                 Female 10-13 years
Chris Serpico                      Male 14-17 years
Haley Roudabush             Female 14-17 years
Matt Pond                          Male 18-21 years
Chetti Milavetz                 Female 18-21 years
David Rossi                         Male 22-29 years
Kate Mallory                      Female 22-29 years
Jason Yirsa                          Male 30-39 years
Melody Zechiedrich        Female 30-39 years
Gordon Ford                      Male 40-49 years
Kimberly Wisneski           Female 40-49 years
Chip Hammond                 Male 50-59 years
Karen Gilbreath                 Female 50-59 years
John Forrette                    Male 60-69 years
Jean-Francois Bulycz       Male 70+ years

FTD Winners
Women’s            Melody Zechiedrich        21:16    

Men’s                   Matt Pond                          19:35