Parade Banquets

We will have the five evening banquets, all at the Grand Traverse Resort.  The Welcome Party will be a buffet dinner, outside on the golf clubhouse lawn. The remaining banquets will be inside, in the Governor’s Hall ballroom.  We are bringing back the popular Casino Night (at the Rally Banquet) this year! We hope you all buy the meal package and join us for all of the evening festivities.

There are two “open” evenings (Monday and Thursday) as well, where you have the opportunity to enjoy local restaurants and nightlife on your own.


Sunday—Pirelli Welcome Party: A great casual dinner to kick off the week's festivities.  Wear your 'tropical shirts', as the Welcome Party will be an outdoor "At the Shores" buffet, with several tropical-themed salads and desserts, and featuring a whole roasted pig, as well as Chicken and Mahi Mahi, and side dishes.

Photos from the Pirelli Welcome Party

Porsche North America

Tuesday—Porsche Concours Banquet: The Concours Awards will be presented along with the highly contested national awards. This is the most formal and grand evening with a menu that won’t disappoint:  a dual-entree of Filet Mignon and Crabcakes, and a 'dessert trio' almost too picturesque to eat!

Photos from the Porsche Concours Banquet

Mobil 1

Wednesday—Mobil 1 Rally Banquet: The TSD Rally Awards make their entrance tonight, and we'll also enjoy a traditional German Buffet, as well as a Casino Night with several dice games and 'wheels', in addition to the usual card games and roulette wheel.


Friday—Michelin Autocross Banquet: After two days of competition, the Autocross Awards come to the front and center. And the Gimmick Rally awards are given out too! The menu for this evening includes an Endive Salad with Fruit, and Root Beer & Vanilla Braised Beef Short Ribs, with a Tarte or a Tort for dessert!

Reliable Carriers

Saturday— Reliable Carriers Victory Banquet: A final chance to “Share the Passion” of the marque. The 60th Porsche Parade site will be revealed, Technical/Historical Quiz awards presented and the “Trip to Germany” Grand Prize announced. On the menu this evening we are featuring a food item Michigan is famous for--cherries; a Traverse City Chicken Breast with Michigan Cherry Chutney.

Please remember, to be eligible for an evening’s door prizes, you must register for that banquet. And you must be present to win!