Tire Rack Street Survival Car-Control Clinic

Are you ready for some schoolin’? This year’s Porsche Parade Car Control Clinic will be brought to you by the Tire Rack Street Survival® program.

This clinic is not specifically for teens, although if you’ve brought them to Parade they are more than welcome to attend. 

In the classroom you learn about proper seating position and hand positions, mirror placement, the concept of the contact patch of the tires, the theories of weight transfer, the use of long distance vision and situational awareness. 

There will be a discussion of each in-car exercise so that you understand what the exercise is designed to teach and how best to perform it.

Questions are encouraged. Teaching materials include visual aids and exercise descriptions with drawings for clarification. Classroom work will be enhanced by driving the exercises with an in-car coach and practicing the concepts of car control.

The exercise elements are laid out with safety buffer zones around them to provide a large margin of error, keeping participants out of trouble.

The exercise area is isolated to preclude access by other than school participants. Some parts of the pavement in the exercise area are wetted down to minimize tire adhesion. This condition allows participants to experience the vehicle's responses to driver inputs at much lower speeds than in the dry.

We will work on skid control on a wet skid pad; go through a lane change / accident avoidance maneuvers; threshold breaking / ABS exercises; and drive a slalom course to learn about weight transfer.  Yes, you can do this in your convertible as well as your tin top.

For more about the Tire Rack Street Survival program go to www.streetsurvival.org to find our nearest location.  If we aren’t close enough maybe you can help us solve that!

Hope to see you at Parade!.

Aaron Ambroino
PCA Street Survival Coordinator
Bill Wade
National Program Manager
Tire Rack Street Survival.