HPDE at Nearby Grattan Raceway

While attending this year’s Parade in Traverse City Michigan also take time to check out the Parade Drivers Education Event at Grattan Raceway, June 29 &30.  Brought to you by the Rally Sport Region this DE follows the format of RSR’s annual premier event at this iconic 2.2 mile natural terrain circuit. Grattan’s layout offers challenges to the most experienced Trackies, while allowing Novices to easily navigate the course with confidence.  Every desirable feature a race track should have is present at Grattan, a hairpin, various radius turns, uphill & downhill runs, a carrousel and a 3200 foot front straight.

Chief Instructor Christian Maloof has assembled a group of Instructors that equal any in the country. Their experience and passion for teaching are one of the main reasons the RSR DE’s are a popular draw for many Zone 4 participants. Besides great lapping, the track offers camping and even fishing. For those that need a distraction from Porsches, downtown Grand Rapids is only 30 minutes away.

The Rally Sport Region’s motto is “The Fast, Fun and Friendly Region”. That will become easily apparent when socializing at Saturday evenings BBQ. Held at the track, this makes bench racing handy while stories are fresh in your head.Can’t think of a better opportunity to share them with fellow participants, new friends and old alike.   There are some special activities planned in honor of the Parade and they will be announced as they are firmed up.

Don’t let that waiting for that news stop you from signing up early at clubregistration.net

Any questions: contact RSR President Rick Mammel at metalworks@ameritech.net