Technical and Historical Quiz

Technical/Historical Quiz—This test of Porsche related knowledge will be held on Friday, June 28th. The technical and historical quizzes consist of true/false and multiple choice questions to test the entrants’ knowledge of their Porsche,  Porsche history/motorsports/ model differences, the Porsche company, Porsche family and PCA history. 

2013 Tech/Historic Quiz Results as PDF

Our Tech-Quiz sponsor this year is Hagerty.


The questions will be based on information from readily obtainable Porsche materials such as Excellence was Expected , Panorama, Up-Fixin, Porsche owner’s manuals, sales brochures and Porsche workshop manuals.  A bibliography of the publications used for the quiz questions will be made available to entrants no later than two months before the Parade. 

2013 Tech Quiz Bibliography as Word Doc

2013 Tech Quiz Bibliography as PDF

The entrant may take the quiz of his or her choice ranging from 356 to Panamera.  All quizzes have 50 general questions for everyone and an additional 25 questions that are model specific.  Men and women will compete for separate awards.

Quiz categories include:

Download the 2013 Competitive Events Classing Table by clicking here.

2013 Parade Competition Rules (text only) as PDF

2013 Parade Competition Rules (with pictures) as PDF

2013 PCR Appendix VIII (Protest Form) as PDF

2013 PCR Appendix IX (Index) as PDF

2013 PCR Appendix X (Over-subscription Procedure) as PDF