Regions T-Shirt Competition

Fast becoming a popular attraction at Parade, the Regions T-Shirt Contest is a chance for all the Regions across PCA to show off their best
t-shirts, win prizes, and make the claim of PCA's BEST T-SHIRT!

It's FREE to enter and you don't have to be at Parade -- though it is a lot more fun to collect your trophy in person!

Look for the T-Shirt display near the Hospitality Room!

2013 T-Shirt Contest Winners

1st Place         Carrera Region         Promotes the Region 40th Anniversary event, Oktoberfiesta 2013

2nd Place        Suncoast Florida Region       Promotes the 48 hours of Sebring event

3rd Place        Musik-Stadt Region        T-shirt created to promote the region image

Event Guidelines

Region T-Shirt Contest – 2013 Traverse City Porsche Parade
This is a contest for PCA Regions to determine the best Region t- Shirt entry produced by the winning Regions to promote their regular Region programs.The contest goals are to recognize excellence in graphic design and promotion and to add color and interest to the Porsche Parade.

Judging Criteria
The entries will be judged on:

Eligible Promotions
The entries must reflect a region promotion which occurred or will have occurred between January 1, 2012 and September 30, 2013

Eligible T-Shirts Types
Only screen printed designs on T-Shirts are accepted. Designs using embroidery are not eligible. Shirts other than T-Shirts are not eligible, i.e., “polo” and similar shirts are not eligible.

Event Eligibility
Any Region event is eligible. This includes the region having hosted, promoted and conducted a zone event. Entries by Zones for zone events are not eligible.

Number of Shirts Submitted By a Region
Regions may submit multiple entries each consisting of different designs in the competition.

How To Enter the Contest

Downloadable Region T-Shirt Contest entry form as Word Doc or as PDF

Burt Misevic
617 Valley Vista Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010

T-Shirt Return Policy
Following the contest the T-Shirts submitted will be returned to the region. If a member of the Region is present at the Parade every attempt will be made to return the shirt to the attending member.

Trophies for first, second and third places will be presented.

Contact Burt Misevic at (805) 482-7076 or