"Cameras and Porsches-- 40 years of f8 and Being There"

Parade is honored to be hosting an exhibit of Dr. Leonard Turner's best unseen work from the past 40 years as Photo Editor of Panorama Magazine. Dr. Turner will be giving talks at various times during the week, so check back here for times and dates.

The current schedule is:

Tuesday 9:00am to 10am
Wednesday: 9am to 10am

If those sessions fill up, look for additional sessions at

Tuesday:  11am to 12pm
Wednesday: 11am to 12 pm

According to Dr. Turner:

The journey into photography is about a lot of things.  Light is paramount, of course, but the variations in the character of light are near infinite.  Beyond that, there are matters of composition, texture, and motion—actual or implied.  And colors:  how they work together, whether they are subtle or over the top, whether they fit into the mood of the moment, even how they translate into black and white when that is the final medium of choice.  Entire books have been written about these things, and they are all important.

But the one ingredient that has worked for me is opportunity, the “being there” part of the equation, and that is just what my 40 years at Panorama provided: the chance to be many of the places where Porsche things were happening and Porsche people were gathered. The chance to see the 917s—and the others before and after that 12 cylinder monster—in real time.  The opportunity to hear Porsche family members speak their mind, and the freedom to photograph all of them.  The good fortune to image many of the newest cars as they were introduced in Europe.  The excuse to be at almost every Porsche Parade since the late 1960’s.

Photography developed a lot during that time, and I tried to stay abreast of it (within the constraints of my wallet) and to develop my eye and skills along the way.  I tried to learn from both my successes and disasters.  It has been a great trip, and I’d like to share some of it with you and tell some stories about what made some of my favorite images memorable.  And there are a thousand more where these came from.

Don't miss this one-of-a-kind display during Parade at Traverse City! Also, prints of the works on display will be available through the Parade Goodie Store.